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/ John Williams - Director

John Williams

Whilst walking to work, one wet January morning back in 1980, I decided that my role as a bank clerk for the Essex Trustee Savings Bank had not become my dream job. I wanted to do something different, that something was to start my own business and after a few months trying to decide what to do, the service sector was chosen, concentrating particularly on office cleaning. With a £200 tax rebate and lots of determination Swift Office Cleaning Services was born.

Almost 35 years on we had no idea (we being myself and Richard Allen joint shareholder/ Director) that from such humble beginnings such a large business was to blossom. Today our multi-million pound business cleans for well over 200 clients and we have regular staff numbers almost 800 loyal people working with us. The success is based on a very simple formula; give customers a consistent first class service at a competitive price. If I am ever asked what is the best piece of advice I would give anyone starting a business, it would be, don’t try to come up with a brand new concept or idea, very few people are gifted like Sir James Dyson, just do what someone else is already doing but do it better!

We are privileged to have a great team of long-serving managers and staff who really are our biggest asset. Without these people day in, day out motivating each other and producing consistently high standards of work, we would not have had the success we all enjoy now. We are always looking for ways to embrace new technology and remain very excited in what may lie ahead.

When I am not working I try to keeping my self reasonably fit, running and biking. In the summer months I love to spend a day on my own fly fishing. This pastime gives me time to think in what is normally a very special setting. Also in the summer I enjoy Sunday afternoon barbecues lightly indulging in red wine with friends. I consider myself to be very lucky in life and now find myself in a content place. I am very excited what the future may hold.

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