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Should I hire an office cleaning company?

There are a few different instances when you should look to hire an office cleaning company. 

Your organisation may have simply grown to the point where you have taken on a larger office – or you’re noticing that a weekly clean is no longer enough to service your requirements and keep your office clean. 

The obvious clues to look for are build-up of mess and dirt or accelerated wear and tear of your carpets, floors and furniture. The less-obvious sign that you should hire an office cleaning company is that one of your employees is regularly cleaning the office when it is not their role and it is leading to resentment and lost productivity – they may be doing this quietly!

Another reason to hire a office cleaning company is that you’re unhappy with your existing office cleaning company and are looking to improve the reliability and quality of both service and communication. 

We’re well-experienced in taking over from other office cleaning companies and can manage most of the process for you whilst keeping you fully-informed and working with you to define your office requirements and service levels.

How much does it cost to clean an office building?

The cost to clean an office depends not only on the size of your office building, but also on your day-to-day requirements. We work with clients to define a daily office cleaning schedule based on their office and budget. For example, some clients choose to have certain tasks carried out every day i.e. cleaning of fridges or glass partitions others choose to have them done weekly or bi-weekly. 

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