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What is an office washroom cleaning checklist?

Are you an office manager and want to make sure that your office washrooms are being properly cleaned by your office cleaning company?

Here’s an office washroom cleaning checklist to help you:

  1. Have the mirrors been cleaned and don’t have watermarks or a build up of dust? 
  2. Have the toilets been properly cleaned? Is there a build up of grime and/or stains?
  3. Have the bins been emptied (and cleaned)?
  4. Do all the toilets have toilet roll? Is there adequate paper towels and soap in all the dispensers?
  5. Have the soap dispensers been cleaned and there isn’t a build up in or around the nozzle?
  6. Have the tiles (and showers) been cleaned? Can you see a build up of any soap scum or splash marks?
  7. Do the washrooms have a pleasant and fresh odour after they have been cleaned – and during the working day? 

Before you contract an office cleaning company, it’s important to understand their Quality Management process and how they check that office cleaning service levels are being maintained – and if they’re not, how you raise concerns or complaints. 

For example, we provide daily office cleaning to offices across London and our Quality Control Supervisor will regularly visit your premises to ensure that standards are being met, or highlight any areas where further training of the team is required from us. Our processes for training and quality management have been tried-and-tested over nearly 40 years.