What are the office washroom cleaning procedures?

We strongly recommend that you hire an experienced and professional office cleaning company to carry out your office washroom cleaning procedures. An office cleaning company will have trained cleaning operatives with correct methods of cleaning to maintain hygienic and safe conditions.

Office Washroom Cleaning Procedures

Further to good sanitation and hygiene, cleaning products can be hazardous – especially when mixed. When you mix bleach and ammonia-based cleaners you can create a toxic gas that in some circumstances could be deadly. Mixing bleach and vinegar can also create a gas that can attack your airways.

It is useful to know what a good office washroom cleaning procedure looks like so that you can discuss it with an office cleaning company, and understand who you can trust.

Here’s an example of a daily office washroom procedure for a mid-sized office:

  • Clean toilets, sinks, showers and surrounding areas daily to prevent any bacteria build-up, reducing the risk of germs and odours.
  • Wipe mirrors and sanitise handles and ‘high-touch’ areas.
  • Empty bins and restock toilet rolls, paper towels and soap dispensers as required.
  • Clean and sanitise floors.

Our Office Washroom Cleaning Services

Your staff, customers, and other visitors use your office washrooms every day, so it’s essential to keep them clean and fresh. Our washroom cleaning service will keep your toilets clean and tidy, and prevent any bacteria build-up, reducing the risk of germs and odours. Our fully trained, professional washroom cleaning staff will deliver the washroom cleaning services with minimum of disruption to your business.