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How to clean a spill on an office kitchen floor?

Whilst we recommend that you hire an office cleaning company to clean your office, and clean the office kitchen, on a daily basis – it’s also advisable to educate to maintain safety cleanliness of your office during the day. For example, what happens when there’s a spill in the office kitchen and an employee needs to clean the office kitchen floor immediately, and safely? 

It’s important to handle the spill correctly as per Health and Safety Guidelines to avoid workplace injuries. Your company should have this process documented and we recommend having a poster in the office kitchen as a reminder. 

Refer to your own policies, but for cleaning smaller spills on your office kitchen floor here are some things you should know:

If it’s a large spill or you don’t know the cause:

If you have a particularly busy communal office kitchen, you may want to consider hiring a daytime janitor to support maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene for your office kitchen – as well as replenishing supplies and handling larger spills effectively and safely.