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How often should office kitchen cleaning take place?

“How often should office cleaning take place?” is a common question that people ask us when we’re on a site-visit to create an office cleaning schedule and provide an office cleaning estimate. 

Our answer is if you’re using your office kitchen every day, then you should be cleaning your office kitchen every day.

Consider that the office kitchen is the number one hot-spot for germs in the workplace – and some office kitchen surfaces can have more bacteria than a sanitary bin. Your office cleaning company should be cleaning the office kitchen surfaces, cupboard and appliance handles, sinks and the floors every day during the week in order to maintain hygiene.

How often should your office be cleaned?

Discuss how often you would like your office kitchen appliances cleaned (including toasters, coffee machines and kettles) with your office cleaning company and define a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule for your office kitchen that meets your requirements and budget. We recommend a deeper clean of the office kitchen – including inside cupboards and underneath the fridge – at least once per month.

How often should you clean out the office kitchen fridge?

We recommend at least once or twice a week. A recent study showed that 44% of office fridges get cleaned out once a month and 22% are only being addressed once or twice a year. Despite the cold temperatures, germs like listeria can grow and spread in the office fridge. Once listeria-contaminated food enters the fridge, it’s able to multiply and infect the other foods in there.