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How often should office carpets be cleaned?

In order to answer how often your office carpets should be cleaned, your office cleaning company should work with you to assess the traffic and usage of your office – and identify the types of carpets and flooring installed. 

On top of the daily carpet vacuuming and spot-cleans as part of your early morning or evening office clean, you will be able to agree how often your office carpets will require a specialised carpet clean outside of office hours.

For example, as a Swift Office Cleaning Client, you will be able to choose from our additional office carpet cleaning services including an anti-static office carpet clean, application of Scotchgard™ to protect office carpets, odour removal for offices who allow pets at work.

We’ll use highly-specialised methods, equipment and products to provide you with an efficient and effective office carpet clean that complies with warranties and recommended product details.