How often should an office be cleaned?

How often should an office be cleaned is a question we get asked regularly. It depends on the size, number of employees and the nature of the business. There is no rule of how often your office should be cleaned, however maintaining a clean and tidy office environment boosts productivity and morale of employees, so regular office cleaning should be a priority.

Regular cleaning of your office is essential for creating a nice environment for your team and visitors

Here at Swift Office Cleaning Services, recommend that specific areas of your office should be cleaned daily in order to maintain cleanliness, hygiene and remove the build up of stains, dirt and dust.

This list includes:

  • Communal areas/ Meeting rooms- These areas are used by all the employees regularly, to decrease the spread of germs, communal spaces should be sanitised daily, after every use.
  • Kitchens- Office kitchens can get dirty pretty quickly due to many people using it at one time. We recommend a kitchen is cleaned daily to ensure there are no spread of germs left by food preparation and dirty kitchenware. Bins should also be emptied and changed regularly to prevent any smells from lingering.
  • Reception areas- This is usually the first part of your office a visitor sees, having a clean and tidy reception area will give a great first impression.
  • Toilets- Due to many people using the same facilities in the building, workplace toilets need regular refills of toilet paper, soap and feminine hygiene bags.

Swift’s daily office cleaning teams

Our daily office cleaning teams carry out regular office cleaning tasks as defined in your daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly office cleaning schedule – and then will carry out office cleaning and/or specialist floor cleaning at agreed intervals as requested with your Account Manager.

How often should an office be cleaned?

Depending on the size of your office, and importantly footfall, we would recommend a clean and specialist carpet or floor clean on high-traffic areas daily, in order to protect and maintain your office outfitting and interiors – increasing its longevity.

Swift’s office cleaning services

We help to ensure that your clients, customers, and employees can enjoy the benefits of a business that genuinely cares about health and hygiene in its premises. Hiring a professional cleaning service for office clean can help to lower the spread of diseases (and therefore sick days), eliminate stubborn marks and stains, prolong the life of office equipment and create a more positive and productive atmosphere to conduct your business activities.