What are the best eco friendly cleaning products for your office?

If you’re looking for the best eco friendly cleaning products for your office, it’s important to do some research. Ask your office cleaning company to provide you with information that demonstrates ‘eco friendly cleaning products’ are indeed eco friendly and have been assessed for their environmental impact.

Wanting to find the best eco friendly cleaning products for your office?

The eco friendly cleaning products offered in our green office cleaning services package are from Ecover and Evans Vandoine. Evans Vandoine products have a system for assessing the overall environmental impact of a product. They take into account the formulation, manufacture, use and disposal of the product. The products we use carry the WEIR Green Tick for their environmental impact rating. These eco friendly office cleaning products are excellent for producing quality office cleaning results whilst minimising environmental impact.

Swift Office Green Cleaning Services

Our environmental standards have earned us our ISO 14001:2015 certification – which contribute to the UN  Sustainable Development Goals. We employ sustainable practices across all of our clients’ offices in London.

In order to give all our clients the option to choose eco friendly office cleaning products, we include a standard range of eco friendly office cleaning products available at no additional cost – as well as a premium range with a small additional cost.

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