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What is Cold Fogging and How Can it Keep Your Office COVID Secure?

Cold fogging is a method of cleaning an entire space using a special cleaning fog. The process reaches everywhere, covers every surface, gets into every nook and cranny and is an incredibly powerful cleaning method.

It’s a fast, safe, effective way of providing a COVID-secure workplace as well as a great way to thoroughly clean a space.

Before COVID-19, fogging was used in healthcare and the food industry for providing an effective deep clean of a space.

After COVID-19, fogging has taken on a whole new importance. It is still used in those situations where a complete covering is required but is now also used in every workplace to help keep staff safe.

How does fogging work?

Cold fogging uses a specialist handheld device to distribute tiny droplets around a space. The room is cleared of staff and anything you don’t want cleaned. Our fully trained staff walk the area with the portable device to cover the area to be disinfected. It uses a non-toxic disinfectant that can kill 99.99% of bacteria, including the coronavirus.

The handheld device uses a cold spray to dispense small droplets of disinfectant to cover every surface, get into every corner and reach places other cleaners cannot reach. The droplets settle on all surfaces they touch and the disinfectant kills bacteria and breaks down so surfaces are left safe and with no residue.

The room is typically safe to return to after around an hour, which is when the disinfectant has completely broken down. If we are cold fogging multiple spaces, we would do them in turn or work around your schedule to minimise disruption.

Is fogging safe?

Cold fogging is completely safe. The disinfectant we use is safe and designed specifically for this use. It is effective against coronavirus but safe for workplaces, food preparation areas, healthcare settings and other spaces.

Rooms are cleared before fogging and our team wears full PPE.

The fog kills bacteria and pathogens within minutes and gradually breaks down so it is completely harmless within an hour.

The space will have to be cleared before being fogged and will need to remain closed for the duration of the fogging. Once complete, staff will be able to return to work once we have inspected and cleared the area for use.

Is fogging an effective replacement for commercial cleaning?

No, as fogging is not designed to replace commercial cleaning. It is designed to complement it and provide disinfection, including to help against the transmission of COVID-19.

Fogging is effective against 99.99% of bacteria, not just COVID but it is just one of many processes involved in proper commercial cleaning. It’s an extra step to take to ensure your workplace is safe and to reassure staff you’re taking all necessary steps to keep them safe.

You’ll still need the traditional office cleaning tasks completed, like vacuuming, emptying bins, cleaning toilets, cleaning windows and all the other tasks we help with.

Fogging is an extra task we offer to help you provide a COVID-safe workplace.

How often should fogging be carried out?

Fogging is exceptionally effective on bacteria currently on all surfaces. It does not prevent future bacteria or provide preventative protection.

Therefore, you should fog regularly as part of your commercial cleaning regimen. As every client is different, an exact fogging schedule is hard to outline in this blog post.

However, we would recommend fogging at least once per week for a small office or more often in busier offices or public-facing areas.

Swift Cleaning provides a bespoke service designed around your particular needs. We can include fogging as part of that conversation and make specific recommendations at the time.

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