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/ Katie Cummins - Sales Executive

Katie Cummins

Hey, I’m Katie, I’m part of the sales team for Swift Office Cleaning. I am responsible for generating new business via website enquiries & sourcing new leads. Every day I meet with potential new clients and survey sites to create bespoke proposals, tailored for their individual needs.

I’ve worked in sales for 15 years in varying roles, this has given me a great understating of peoples needs in different environments and how to deal with (almost) anything that comes up! I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people and this job is perfect for that, working with different sectors across London and parts of Essex & Hertfordshire. I pride myself in being part of the face of the business and making sure from the first meeting potential new clients can see the professional service they will receive from Swift Office Cleaning

In live in a lovely village in Essex and in my spare time I enjoy long walks…….to my local to meet my friends! I love to spend time with my family & friends from meeting for a coffee, gigs, festivals and most of all holidays

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