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Infographic: Your Top Spring Cleaning Tips 2014

Your Top Spring Cleaning Tips For 2014


Over the course of Spring we embarked on a cleaning mission. We wanted to hear your favourite spring cleaning tips for your homes. We thought we would gather a few hints and tips but the response blew us away. Over 300 of you got back to us on Facebook, Google + and Twitter with outstanding responses.
We loved reading your comments and tweets. As we were doing so, we spotted some running themes. We collated the results and created the Swift Top Tips for Spring Cleaning – as told by you!


14 % of you had the wise idea to de-clutter. This creation of space makes it easier to keep your environment clean in the long run.

Thersia A: “When I do my spring clean I don’t just clean the house but also make sure to get rid of anything I don’t need any more.

We recently wrote an article for Startup Champ on ‘5 Ways to reduce Desk Clutter at Work” which you can read here.

Make Cleaning Fun

8% of you know that life isn’t about cleaning (unless you work at Swift!) and have a sunny outlook on the chores – make them more fun!
Your tips included listening to music, doing it with a friend or turning it into a competitive game like Roseanna D. who says “Try and see how fast you can finish it in! That way the house gets cleaned and you get a workout! I always try and beat my previous time, not that I’m competitive or anything..”
Roseanna, you might give us a run for our money with that spirit!

Use Home Remedy Cleaning Product

34 % listened to your grandmothers and have suggested superb home remedies for cleaning including putting a bowl of water with half a lemon in the microwave for 1 minute to clean the grime (good idea for those office kitchen microwaves). A great tip from Ben A.

Get someone else to do it!

Another 14% of you made it very clear that the best way to do the cleaning is to get someone else to do it for you! We often feel that we should or have to do all the chores ourselves but the honest truth is that if you don’t enjoy it or have the time, calling in the professionals can be one of the most liberating things you can do! With our office clients, their businesses can do better when they are focused on what they do best!
On Twitter, @angiemoo knows what we mean “@Cleaning_Swift get someone else to do the spring cleaning is my tip”.

Do it little and often

Little and often is our approach with office cleaning and 15% of you apply the same mantra at home.
You keep on top of the cleaning so that it doesn’t feel like an enormous task and your environment stays clean and tidy.
Anne W told us “Try and keep on top of it regularly, when it builds up it is like a mountain to climb!” Quite right!
We recently wrote an article about “Why Office Cleaning is not just for Spring!” which we’re sure 15% of you will agree with!

Work from top to bottom

We thought this was a great idea and so did 16% of you! Working from the top down and applying an organised approach is sage advice. It makes the task more manageable and you have a sense of accomplishment as you work.

@JaZBAZ1986: “@Cleaning_Swift my spring cleaning tip would be to list of all the tasks you want to achieve & tick when done. Organised = happy cleaning.”

Happy cleaning indeed! We hope that you have found all these tips useful and have enjoyed our Spring Cleaning season. Keep an eye on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages for more information and news.

A big thank you from the team at Swift Office Cleaning Services!

You can also download a Hi Res version of our spring cleaning infographic here.

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