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Coronavirus: How Long Does Coronavirus Survive in the Office?

What cleaning products do you use to stop the spread of coronavirus?

It is difficult to know what specific products you should be using to deep clean your office. At Swift, we use a high-quality virucidal or bactericidal spray that conforms to BS EN 1276 standards, where possible. However, regular bleach, soap and other cleaning products are effective in killing or removing the Coronavirus.

Further to the products, it is important that surfaces and high-touch areas are cleaned regularly throughout the day and as stated on, “Regular cleaning plays a vital role in limiting the transmission of COVID-19.” 

What are the benefits of regular office cleaning during the pandemic?

According to official advice from and the HSE, workplaces should consider both deep office cleaning once per day and periodic office cleaning throughout the day with a full-time cleaning team or janitor.

Deep cleaning is “a thorough clean of all frequently touched surfaces at least once per day” whilst periodic cleaning is “cleaning at different times throughout the day”. Periodic cleaning includes cleaning items immediately after use and cleaning surfaces on a regular basis.

Daily Office Cleaning Services

Our daily office cleaning services can be provided 5 days a week – which take place outside of office hours either in early morning or in the evening, with weekends available if required. We know that the virus can be transmitted via surfaces, and so regular office cleaning – at least daily – is an important step in reducing the spread of the virus.

Janitorial Office Cleaning Services

Contracting a day-time janitor is a useful way to support the morning or evening cleaners in busy offices. Our janitorial cleaning services provide on-hand cleaning to keep important areas – such as kitchens, meeting rooms and reception areas – clean throughout the day, and to deal with any emergencies or needs that arise. It is proven that employees feel more safe and work better in an environment where daily cleaning services are present.

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