Management & Supervision

We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with clients and value all feedback and interaction with the businesses we service. Providing quality cleaning results is a team effort from the cleaning operatives on the ground to the Operations Director overseeing the department.

We have a measured reporting structure based on Client Account Manager or Area Supervisor inspections. These are documented and provided to clients confirming that complete inspections have been carried out with the cleaners at regular intervals. Clients’ can feel safe in that their cleaning standards are being monitored.

 As an essential part of maintaining client satisfaction, our customers are asked to sign a monthly satisfaction sheet, including joint site inspections if required. This commitment to achieving total satisfaction has enabled us to keep our customers satisfied year after year.

Meet some members of our expert team:

Operations Director
Operations Manager
Senior Client Account Managers
Client Account Managers
Customer Services Manager
Area supervisors
Mobile Cleaners
Cleaning Operatives

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