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“We are happy with their consistently high standard of service and value the longstanding vendor relationship we have with Swift Office Cleaning Services. We happily recommend their services to any firm considering them for office cleaning services.” – London Investment Firm

Swift Office Cleaning Services

Professional Office Cleaning Services in London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent

Established over 30 years ago, Swift Office Cleaning Services Limited has built and maintained its reputation as a reliable and well-respected office cleaning company servicing London, Essex, Kent, and Hertfordshire. We boast an impressive portfolio of high profile clients, established corporations and bustling young businesses, all utilising our bespoke range of quality cleaning services from daily office cleaning to specialist carpet, hard floor and window cleaning at affordable and competitive rates.

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Health and Safety and sustainability is of the utmost importance to us, our policies ensure high standards of care for our clients and employees and other people who may be affected by our services.
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All contracts are inspected at regular intervals by our management team to ensure high cleaning standards are maintained.
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